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Japanese surge smile it's hard to do the eyes and mouth. wink


Download surge_svg.zip


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I've a question, first what are all the File Extensions used in Open Surge (ext, type and default editor - if one).

If the extensions has more char, like propossed here, we can do something like a unique editor or a package of editors to associate those file extensions to those editors.

BTW with the normal extensions we can add Open Surge to the Default Programs (only Windows 7) to always can associate with the editors the extensions regardless of the extension lenght.


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BTW if sometime you need svg shapes I can help but not painting seems that inkscape is not my right hand today.

Also when you'll release for open surge I can do a setup for windows with file associations, i'm opening a new thread about this.


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sorry this is all I can do, really i'm out of practice but anyone can improve the logo if has inkscape, corel draw, free hand, illustrator or some other svg editor.


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I've updated Translate .lng 0.2:

* Now you can double clic the cells to edit.
* Thumb Tracking (Smooth scroolling)
* HighDPI aware app.


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I'm out of practice with Inkscape so that only enhances the edges:
Download opensurge_logo.zip


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Alexandre wrote:

very, very nice. I wonder if it's possible to give it some more detail?

Something like this?

Without the old style borders and less nodes, also I will remove the squared-borders.

Alexandre wrote:

This would be perfect for the new website we'll have, as currently we're using resized low-res pictures (both for the logo and for Surge):

http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/uploa … shot-4.png

not completed, though.

May be if I have some time.


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Open Surge Logo
Download opensurge_logo.zip

Surge Art
Download surge_svg.zip


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Added to ssdw's uploader.


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Open Surge Language Editor

An editor for .lng files of the game.

Source code



To compile this tool you need to install Lazarus (http://www.lazarus-ide.org/), then open the .lpi and then Run > Compile. You will get the binary in the bin folder.


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Hi, you can update the translation for the latest revision?



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TheSeventhEmerald wrote:

You made it with Corel Draw?

With Inkscape http://www.inkscape.org/


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thankyou! to use in the game export to png with alpha with an vector graphics editor (Inkscape), then edit with an image editor (Gimp) to pixelate the borders

you can edit this with Inkscape!


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Eggman SVG
Author: Lainz

wip: the exhaust pipe isn't here wink

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

36kb .7z
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?y4t1k2xo2c31b7n

the default size is just the eggman character in the open sonic game


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- Add more speed at the spindash start, the speed decreases at the end .
- When the player is running in spindash mode gains more speed, also gains more speed if is going down "friction" "caught" in the ground and in the curved walls.

The engine must be alpha png ~ 2010


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well, downloading the music

edit: Cool!

edit2, suggestion: is only a bit repetitive in the middle.. in the ending so low sounds.


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some are very slow on my pc (sonic cb) because the background effects, the nebulous is great.


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Sonic Nebulous
Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/KN_XfStiC_4&am … d&fs=1
Website: http://ironrind.angelfire.com/sonicnebulous.html
Download: http://www.filefactory.com/file/a0he733 … us_4_1_zip

Pure Chaotix
Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/nFRFgpvTQco&am … d&fs=1
Website: http://ironrind.angelfire.com/purechaotix.html
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?m5gmjddommr

Sonic CB
Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/dTJifkN1_Ls&am … ;fs=1&
No website.. only a beta download: http://www.mediafire.com/?nyjqom5tzlo


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I see that the sonic spindash isn't the same at, for example, sonic 3 & knuckles: in this sega game the spindash is "smoth"* ¿How? interpolating 2 images (like an effect of transparency one over the other) to give a sensation of movement (this is also used in the Super Sonic character sprites - check at the sonic head -).

In Open Sonic the animation likes that sonic spindash is moving up and down, because no-effect in the sprites.

How you can do this: in the curren release of Open Sonic you must add this interpolation betwen the spindash frames.

To see it view in an emulator the sonic 3 (use Fusion and a ROM image), you can't see this capturing a snaphot because is'n a single frame effect: is an interpolation between frames.

Check it please. wink

*not refering to filtered - blured

Edit: this isn't an emulator effect, is inside the game, check also in the sega mega collection plus pc if you have answers.


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"PS. To simplify level design 32 bit PNG's should be allowed. DS."

Are allowed see the image background, configure open sonic in 32 bits and enjoy a lot of colors.


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Hey thankyou!

i try before to change it but dissapeared for some reason and then get back??

Now changed. smile

A final level with 100% original bricks? Pallete=alexandre don't like color palletes.. search in the forum

( i only have a big problem, i don't know to do an image that alexandre likes for his game hmm ) realy hard

But I will try-

It is free to use, but if you redistribute this please keep the launcher_readme.txt because i need it to use the icon created by pixel-mixer (the link is included inside the exe but i think they need a link in a text file).

This is created with Autoplay Media Studio (windows) so only windows sad  no hard programming required to do this, no more posibilities, big final executable file 1mb or more..

I will add some artwork when the official Open Sonic artwork comes here smile

Other things:
I have the other svn languages, but i will add this launcher only for the website releases.

Open Sonic Launcher 0.1
is another osnc launcher for Windows

This launcher 0.1.0 is for Open Sonic 0.1.2.


This launcher can:
- Select Language (only the official languages)
- Select Level (only the "installed" levels, in the levels folder)
- Select Video (Fullscreen, Tiny, Default)
- Select Color (8 bits, 16 bits, 24 bits, 32 bits)
- Select Filter (2xSaI, SuperEagle, Default)
- Select Music (Yes, No)
- Select Joystick (Yes, No)
- Select Memory (Low Memory Usage, Default)

Store all configurations in "launcher.ini". If you edit the "launcher.ini" bad the wrong values are restored to their default. If you delete "launcher.ini" all options are set to default.

In "Info" you can see the command line options / open sonic help menu / open sonic version.

If you run launcher.exe and opensonic.exe isn't there display an error message! And if the levels folder doesn't exist only show "Open Sonic" level.

Download (1.08 mb)