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Well.. This Will Be Worth playing when it comes out... Keep working on it! And It'll be cool, I betcha!


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Hey, Long Time No See.. Anyways, I didn't really submit much due to laziness, but after experimenting with Open Sonic For A while... Safe to say, I think designing levels in this is a really unique experience... It's possibilities are endless... Thanks, team.. I wish for you to continue developing this and we'll see some great levels to come in the future!


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Looking Good.. Can't Wait To Play It When It's Finished! Good Luck!


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Hello, I'm AllStarSonic. You might remember me from other sonic - related forums... if not, cookies for you then. I watched the Youtube LP of the demo, and I'd like to say I'm impressed. I downloaded the demo, and I've allready started learning how to make my own levels.. So, Hello to anyone that dosen't know me, and.. well.. that's it.