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Hi smile

I don't worry about the fact that you're pushing in the right direction. smile

If you need help, making a post about it on the free game dev forums might help a lot, since many people are reading it.
Plus, if it's all about content making (at least level making throught the editor or provide level plans maybe?), you should find some good guys there ready to work toward that.

Just my two cents but I'm sure you all have already a lot to do, so ...

Best regards,


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Hi smile

I've tried it and I must say I'm quite impressed by the first cut-scene but I do think the rest isn't honoring enough the quality of the engine, even if the little level after the cutscenes is very refresing in term of colors and features. smile

Are you lacking a level maker, maybe?

Best regards,


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So, how far did you go since the last news post?

Best regards,


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S32X wrote:

I've made it have sunshine Paradise's background.

One thing: Wow! big_smile


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The animation looks excellent!

About the dev screen, hmm, out of curiosity, why bother doing throwable content?

Best regards,


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Alexandre wrote:

do you mean: the velocity of the animation?

It's part of the idea, yes. I suppose trying to fix that may make the problem partially or even totally disappear IMHO.

Thanks for your consideration.


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Hi everyone smile

I've just tried the latest bleeding edge 716 and I must say that the game has already a very coherent feeling as for the presentation, the menus and all that. The act 1 preview is also a good preview on several engine features, well completed by the template stage which shows almost everything else.

All that to say that it's taking shape! Well done!

There is only one very thing that is surprising concerning the current game compared to the rest: the way surge starts to run. I mean, the idle animation, and the full course and ball modes are quite fine, but when you start to run, Surge feels like slipping on the floor until the full speed course, is it intended?

My best regards,


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Hi everyone,

It's been some time since I see no actual news from the Open Surge engine/game.

What have you all been up to, this summer?

And what is planned for the end of the year?

Best regards,


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Sugarmaster wrote:

Maybe you can try googling in the underworld XD.

Me? I would never do that. wink


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Hmm, seems the download link was put down due to sega intervention.


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I'm aware of the level design in progress in dropbox, but I thought that you could want to include the first level design made in the OpenSNC repository sooner or later.

I'm sure people would try it out more easily that way, using bleeding edges for instance.
It would also be much more appealing graphically, and regarding what the engine is capable of.

Again, it's just a question, of course. smile

Best regards,


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Hi everyone!

Is there a testable snapshot somewhere?

I guess you're not that far from presenting the first levels, right? smile cool

Best regards,


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Hi there,

Please take into consideration Alexandre's point of view regarding direct file access since it's a kinda recurrent problem in game development.

I always make sure to have a debug export vital data regarding the objects to a readable file.

On the other hand, I do think Jobromedia is in need of a script log file to debug his scripts. Maybe some log functions can be considered?

Secondary note: IMHO, here we've got a very common case where someone (I'm not pointing anyone, I also do the same mistake sometimes.) is presenting some technical functionalities (see 1st post) without telling why he needs it.
My two cents would be to advise all interested developers (scripters, ect.) to try presenting a need (or use case) before considering the implementation, again without pointing anybody since I also do the same when I don't put attention to it.

I hope this will help future requests.

Best regards.


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Merry Christmas to all! smile

Wishes luck and health to you for the year coming.


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Still here wink

Thanks for answering.

Best regards.


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Ok, Ok.

It was just a thought. please don't ban me. wink

Thanks for all the answers. I kinda know better where the game is heading, now.

Best regards.


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I had a simple thought a few days ago:

I came to learn about OpenSonic through the magic word 'Sonic' typed in the google bar, and I know many of us have had this way.

Then, to avoid seeing this awesome project lose popularity because of slowly switching to open content (which I'm fine with),
I wondered whether the sonic branding data should be kept also, to keep out OpenSonic releases, showing the new functionalities, or simply for fun, at least until the open data has reached an enough mature state.

The magical stone data could also be used for such a branding, btw.

What do you think, is my idea worthy? Doesn't we want to see an open games while keep using Sonic himself sometimes?

Best regards.

Hi there,

Nice job so far KZR, I hope wrath will give his ok soon. smile

Not willing to bother you but keeping in mind some legal problems free games can later have even with free resources (or claimed as, at first), one good way to ensure your licensing is free (or not) could be to add an AUTHORS file in your project, listing for each resources: its name, version, author, author's mail, license, origin (a website, ...).

Just a suggestion taken from personal experience.

Best regards.


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Nice job so far! smile

I have a similar question as for the silverstep avatar: How does the character look in game?


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Hey, super to see progress on that!

How does the character look in game?


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Hi Alexandre,

Alexandre wrote:

I'm leaving any further improvements up to you guys. I'm now becoming really busy with university and work, so I won't be programming much for Open Surge during the next few months. I'll be here mainly to do administrative stuff.

From many, thanks for all the hard work, especially for the decorator-based engine.

May I suggest you do a release before going back to university, even as a beta, so people can actually test it out with the latest possibilities, and let you concentrate on your own RL work?

My best regards and wishes of luck for your studies.


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I tried it.

It's already excellent, Celdecea!


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Good news!
Can you tell me which:
- Language (C, C++, ...)
- API (if c/C++)

thanks in advance.


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Hi there,

I, by no mean, want to flaw the hard work made so far, but I wanted to know:
As long as you're replacing ripped graphics, why not change rings for something else?
(Hollow stars, shards, ...)? Just an idea, though!

Best regards.


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I was just thinking about that option...

And then some ideas popped up in my mind which I'm now intending to merge together below:

- First of all, there could be quests mixing cooperative play, and single play mode.
- Secondly, why not also make some levels especially made on character in particular.
- At third, we can also imagine that other 3 members teams could be added in a more or less late future.
(Every team would then be composed of a runner, a climber, and a flyer, I guess)
- And fourth, I still believe that letting the members be able to start at different points could be a good addition.

Then altogether, this could be added:
- The quests file could handle a parameter telling if the quest if exclusively one character only, or coop mode, and tell if the player can choose its starting character/team.
- Based on that option, a team selection or a character selection screen would let the player decide which character (s)he wants to use, or not.
-- If the quest is in coop mode:
- parameters in the lev files could handle where each character (runner, flyer, and climber) would start, that being the same spot by default.
-- If the quest is in solo mode:
- A parameter in the lev files could handle if the starting character is the one chosen by the player, or one specifically.
-- If the quest type is not set:
- Each lev files could tell:
- the level mode: coop or solo.
- the team used of if using the one chosen by the player.
- or the character : chosen by player, or specifically set (runner, flyer, climber).

- We could even imagine that only two out of three team members only could be used for a specific level.

This, in addition of cut-scenes would lead some true sonic stories!

I wrote all of this down hoping that it will help you think about new useful options for that marvellous engine.

Best regards.